Hill City Launch: Experiential Pop-Ups ’18

In October 2018, under the GAP umbrella, Hill City launched its performance lifestyle menswear brand.

The pop-ups coincided with the e-commerce launch and appeared in non-traditional ways at various large Bay Area companies. We converted new fans, winning them over through a series of enjoyable integrations in the local community that strategically showcased HC‘s product value.

We raised brand awareness and told the Hill City’s story on its own turf.

Experiential Pop-Ups at the following campuses:

  • GAP, Old Navy, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Activation components:

  • Venue decal takeovers
  • All event assets reused at each venue
  • Meet and greet with the founding team
  • Pliable build showcased and stored product
  • Juice collaboration with Juice Shop SF ‘553C’
  • Showcased moving images of Jeff Johnson and Ime Archibong
  • Gifted socks, jackets, stickers, and magazines via Facebook bot integration
  • Live lobby treadmill runner with countdown clock leading up to the launch date
  • Complimentary boxing classes led by local trainers Fabian Melendez and Stefan Solomon